Enemy on Tape

Industrial Strength Terror

Industrial Band Enemy on Tape

Enemy on Tape. The name, the sound and the presentation are simple to the point. This band spawned out of nowhere. Their sound is vicious and their identities remain a secret. Keeping a low profile hasn’t stopped them from turning the heads of industrial music fans. In my opinion their rough sound and simplistic delivery is something that industrial music needed in 2016. No one really knows where the band came from and no one really knows how long it will last but right now, myself and other industrial music fans are enjoying the ride.

Did I mention the band releases all their music for free? That is right. If you sign up on their mailing list you will receive their music first and for free. They won’t spam you, and they don’t do very little self promotion.  This band might be industrial music’s best kept secret of 2016. Their Twitter account is pretty active and they put all promotion into the hands of their fans. It’s a true throw back to a time when underground music was exciting. Enemy on Tape’s simplistic approach to it’s art and etiquette is pretty genius.


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